The organizers of the Conference on Algebraic Cycles II are planning to publish the proceedings of this conference in the series "Clay Mathematics Proceedings" published by the AMS and the Clay Mathematical Institute.

In addition to the referees chosen by the organizers, the Clay Institute will appoint another referee to ensure that the submissions meet the high standards of their series. The editorial board of Clay will then make a final decision about whether to accept the volume for their series. To view other volumes in this series, click here.

Specific Directions for Preparation of Files
1. Please use LateX and not plain TeX.
2. Please include the style file cmip-l.cls in the directory of all your source files, include all .tex files and supporting graphics files.
3. Modify the \documentclass declaration to read \documentclass{cmip-l}.
4. Please use the file cmip-l.cls to define your document layout parameters. In other words, do not include any page dimension and font size declarations in your file, as this will cause it to deviate from the standard format required by the series.
5. For the bibliography, the publisher recommends that you use a tool such as MathSciNet or MRLookup to verify that all references are complete, and that you use BibTeX for formatting. (You may obtain BibTeX code directly from MathSciNet or MRLookup.)
6. Regarding graphics:
a. Graphics should not be in color but grayscale or black and white. Shades of gray should not be lower than 15% or higher than 85%. Light gray scales (<15%) will come out as white and dark gray scales (>85%) will be rendered as black.
b. Line weights should not be less than .25 point at 100%.
More information on graphics may be found here.

Submission of Manuscripts
Please submit manuscripts (.tex source and either .pdf or .dvi file) by uploading them as instructed on the conference web-site.
We look forward to receiving your submission.

The Organizers

Reza Akhtar (
Patrick Brosnan (
Roy Joshua (