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 Curriculum Vitae (pdf-file 93 kB)

Publications and Preprints

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"Resolutions of p-Modular TQFT's and Representations of Symmetric Groups". (submitted) 29 pages.  math.GT/0110006   

"p-Modular TQFT's, Milnor Torsion, and the Casson-Lescop Invariant". 
 Geom. Topol. Monogr. 4 (2002)  119-141.  math.GT/0203256

"Homology TQFT's and the Alexander-Reidemeister Invariant of 3-Manifolds via Hopf Algebras and Skein Theory".    Canad. J. Math.   55 (2003)  766-821.  (38 figures).  math.GT/0008204  

"Towards an Algebraic Characterization of 3-dimensional Cobordisms".
 Contemp. Math. 318 (2003) 141-173. (66 figures)  math.GT/0106253

"Non-semisimple Topological Quantm Field Theories for 3-Manifolds with Corners".
Lecture Notes in Mathematics  1765,  Springer Verlag, 2001 vi + 376 pp. ISBN: 3-540-42416-4,  over 200 illustrations  (with V. Lyubashenko). 
Read here Introduction, Anstract and Contents

"Integration on Braided Hopf Algebras".
J. Pure Appl. Algebra .   148  (2000), no. 2,  113-164.    (with Y.Bespalov, V.Lyubashenko, V.Turaev) q-alg/9709020

"Bridged Links and Tangle Presentations of Cobordism Categories".
Adv. Math. 141 (1999), no. 2, 207-281. math.GT/9806114

"Equivalence of a Bridged Link Calculus and Kirby's Calculus of Links on Non-simply Connected 3-Manifolds". Topology Appl. 87 (1998) 155-162 . math.GT/9806113  

"On the connectivity of cobordisms and half-projective TQFT's".
Comm. Math. Phys. 198 (1998), no. 3, 535-590. q-alg/9603017

"Genealogy of Nonperturbative Quantum-Invariants of 3-Manifolds: The Surgical Family".
 `Geometry and Physics', Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Physics 184, Marcel Dekker (1996) 503-547. q-alg/9601021

"Mapping Class Group Actions on Quantum Doubles".
Comm. Math. Phys. 168 (1994) 353-388. hep-th/9402017

"Quantumgroups, Quantumcategories and Quantumfieldtheory"
Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1542, Springer Verlag, 1993 viii + 431 pp.   $65.00.   ISBN: 3-540-56623-6.  Second Printing, 1995. (with J.Fröhlich)

"On braided tensorcategories". 
Differential geometric methods in theoretical physics (Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, 1993). 
Adv. Appl. Clifford Algebras 4 (1994), Suppl. 1, 49-60. hep-th/9402018.

"Non-Tannakian categories in quantum field theory".
New symmetry principles in quantum field theory (Cargèse, 1991), 449-482, 
NATO Adv. Sci. Inst. Ser. B Phys. 295, Plenum, New York, 1992.

"Structuring the Set of Incompressible Quantum Hall Fluids". 
Nucl. Phys. B 453 (1995) 670-704.(with J.Fröhlich, U.Studer, E.Thiran)

"Non-Abelian Bosonization in Two Dimensional Condensed Matter Physics" 
Nucl. Phys. B 374 (1992) 511-542. (with J.Fröhlich, P.A. Marchetti)

"Universality in Quantum Hall Systems"
Nucl. Phys. B  354 (1991) 369-417 (with J.Fröhlich)

"Darstellungen der Quantegruppen und Anwendungen"
Diplomarbeit, ETH-Zürich, 1989.


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Topological Quantum Field Theorie.  (4.7 MB)
Mar/25/2004 Colloquium, Math Dept. Louisiana State, Baton Rouge, LA
Integral TQFT's and the Torelli Groups.  (2.6 MB)
Jan/9/2004 Joint Mathematics Meeting, Phoenix, AZ.
Block Property of Integral TQFT's.  (2.8 MB)
Dec/19/2003 Knots in Washington XVII, Washington, DC
2+1 dim TQFT's over Cyclotomic Integers (3.2 MB)
Nov/14/2003  Math Dept. UC San Diego, San Diego, CA.
Why is the Poincare Sphere not a Sphere  (3.1MB)
Oct/15/2003  Math Club at Ohio State, Columbus, OH


Slides of Recent Talks
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Jan/18/03:   Baltimore, MD (Convent. Ctr.)       .ps.gz-file (122kB)   .pdf-file (217kB)
On TQFT Realizations of  the 
Johnson-Morita Homomorphism
AMS National Meeting #983
Nov/10/02:       U.C.F., Orlando, FL       .ps.gz-file (121kB)   .pdf-file (392kB)
Some Computations   for 
"Width=2" TQFT's
 AMS Sectional Meeting #982
Aug/12/02:   Shaanxi Normal Univeristy, 
                                        Xi'an CHINA
      .ps.gz-file (151kB)   .pdf-file (451kB)
The Fibonacci and other 
 Cyclotomic Integer TQFT's
Geometric Topology 
A Satellite Conference of  ICM 2002
Jun/21/02:    P.S.U., Portland, OR         .ps.gz-file (963kB)   .pdf-file (5.47MB)
Applications of Quantum 
Invariants of 3-Manifold 
  AMS Sectional Meeting #978
Mar/19/02: M.R.C . Warwick, U.K.         .ps.gz-file (697kB)   .pdf-file (781kB)
Search for 
Finite Length TQFT's:
Workshop "Quantum Topology" 3/2002
Mar/2/02:   Univ.of Mich., Ann Arbor, MI        .ps.gz-file (241kB)   .pdf-file (242kB)
Finite Length TQFT's
  AMS Sectional Meeting #974
Sep/6/01:    R.I.M.S. Kyoto,   JAPAN          .ps.gz-file (291kB)  .pdf-file (861kB)
p-Modular TQFT's 
and Torsion
Workshop "Invaraints of knots 
and 3-manifolds" 


Master's Thesis

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   Craig Jackson:   Braid Group Representations(Ohio State University, 2001)