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Trip to Italy, May 2003 more pictures

The Petriolis and Carol in Siena, Saturday....... . . . . . . Patting the Porcellino in Florence

Marty, in Houston, wishing he were in Florence . . Dick Jessor and Jane Menken, Piazza dei Signoria, Florence

The Battisteria, Florence. Ghiberti's doors: the sacrifice of Isaac

A collection of non-mathematical notes.

In October, 1998, our son, then aged 17, was arrested at his school and charged with a third-degree felony. He had not committed any crime, and the charges were dropped two days later; we, the parents, pursued a grievance against the school district, which was upheld by the HISD School Board in the spring of 1999, and restitution was made for our legal expenses in defending Alex and expunging his record. The behavior of the School Board was examplary in this respect. The piece below was written a few days after the arrest. While our story has a happy ending, I believe that the concerns expressed here are still valid.

Thoughts on the crime wave

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