Giang Le

Ph.D. Student
Ohio State University
2009-present (expected May 2016 )

Department of Mathematics
100 Math Tower
231 West 18th Avenue
Columbus OH, 43210-1174

Phone: (614) 264-6826

Research Interests

My research interest is in Geometric Group Theory. Currently, I am working on the problem of action dimension for Artin groups. My advisor is Professor Michael W. Davis.

Research Papers

  1. The Action Dimension of Right-angled Artin groups with the nerve of dimension 2 (in preparation).
  2. Relatively Hyperbolic Coxeter Groups of type HM [arxiv link].
  3. The Relative Hyperbolicity of One-relator Relative Presentations, J. of group theory, 10.1515/JGT.2009 [journal link].

For more details about my research and background, please see my CV.