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GeoGebra Wiki Page of Examples

Graphing Polynomials and Rational Functions

Trigonometry and Angles

Finding angles for trick pool shots

Definitions of Trig Functions

Transformations of the Sine Function

Linear Regression

Limits and Continuity

Epsilon Definition of Limits and Continuity by Elisha Petersen

Visual Description of Epsilon-Delta Definition of Limit by Scott Sarra

Make a piece-wise function continuous by changing a parameter


Riemann Sums

Riemann Sums

Slope Fields


Maximize the Area of a Fenced-In Area along a river

Maximize the Volume of Box By Elisha Petersen

Just for Fun

Compare Sine Curves for various frequencies. Visualize musical chords to see which sound better.

Steiner Points, Minimum Spanning Trees and Shortest Networks

Mixed Stragegies in zero-sum games

Other sites with GeoGebra Applets

Geogebra Wiki

Geogebra Applets for PreCalc and Calc by Dave Matthews

Geogebra Applets from Mike May

Geogebra Applets By Elisha Petersen

Calculus Applets from D.J. Heath

Many Geogebra Applets for Geometry, Calculus and Other Areas (By Manuel Sada Allo In Spanish)

Calculus Applets by Scott Sarra (Not Geogebra)

Manipula Math Applets (Not Geogebra)