Math 2568 — Linear Algebra

Instructor: Fedor Manin

Sections 0020 and 0075, Spring 2018

Lecture: 9:10AM MWF (section 0020), 12:40PM MWF (section 0075)

Office: Math Building 318 (not Math Tower 318 or Cockins Hall 318)

Office hours: 10:15–11:30AM Monday and Friday and 1:45–3:00PM Wednesday, or by appointment, or at additional times to be announced on Carmen.

Textbook: Introduction to Linear Algebra by Johnson, Riess, and Arnold

Grader: Yilong Wang

Click here for the syllabus and tentative semester schedule. See also Carmen.


You do not need to turn in any homework. Instead, you will be assessed on quizzes which will be very similar to the homework.


The topics of the lectures will be posted here as we go through them. Links to any additional lecture notes will appear here.