Evan Nash

Evan Nash

nash.228 (at) osu.edu

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student at the Ohio State University studying under Gary Kennedy. My thesis focuses on finding and extending connections between tropical geometry and spherical varieties.

I also co-founded (with Kevin Nowland) the Mathematics Graduate Student Association at Ohio State.


Publications and Preprints

  1. The maximum likelihood degree of toric varieties (with C. Améndola, N. Bliss, I. Burke, C. Gibbons, M. Helmer, S. Hoşten, J. Rodriguez, and D. Smolkin)
    To appear in the Journal of Symbolic Computation. This was completed as part of an MRC in algebraic statistics under Serkan Hoşten and Jose Rodriguez. It was a wonderful experience; if you have the chance to be part of an MRC I highly recommend it. Nathan's GitHub page has code for some of the algorithms we used.

  2. The convex hull of two circles in $\mathbb{R}^3$ (with A. Pir, F. Sottile, and L. Ying)
    arXiv | Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, Fields Institute Communications Vol. 80 (2017)
    This book project grew out of the Apprenticeship Program led by Bernd Sturmfels. Check out Frank's website for some cool visualizations of convex hulls.

  3. Tropicalizing spherical embeddings
    This is part of my dissertation research.

  4. Betti tables of reducible algebraic curves (with J. Bruce, P. Kao, B. Perez, and P. Vermeire)
    arXiv | Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (2014)
    This was completed as part of an REU at Central Michigan University under Pete Vermeire.

  5. Extremal graphs without 4-cycles (with F. Firke, P. Kosek, and J. Williford)
    arXiv | Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B (2013)
    This was completed as part of an REU at the University of Wyoming under Jason Williford.