Journal of Approximation Theory [JAT]
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The Tables of Contents (TOCs) of all JAT issues published since Number 1, Volume 1, in June of 1968.

JAT at, Elsevier (for manuscript submissions go to EES), and ScienceDirect.

History of Approximation Theory and Surveys in Approximation Theory.

OP-SF-NET (Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions Network), NA-NET (Numerical Analysis Network), Wavelet Digest, and the Spline Bibliography Database.

Constructive Approximation [at Springer] and East Journal on Approximations (sadly, EJA is gone out of business).

Editors-in-Chief Paul Nevai (also Managing Editor) and Amos Ron, the Editorial Board, the publishing services in San Diego, and the publisher Elsevier.

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