For Fall 2017, I am a TA for Math 2173: Engineering Mathematics B. The instructor for this course is Dr. Dong Chen

Recitations are on Thursdays in Denney Hall 213 at 1:50 pm, 3 pm, or 4:10 pm depending on which section you are in.

My office hours will be Tuesdays 3 - 4 and Wednesdays 10 - 11:30. My office is MW (Math Tower) 216. The MSLC offers tutoring services Monday through Thursday during the day and Sunday through Thursday in the evening. During the day this is in CH (Cockins Hall) 131 and during the evening in CH 014.

Quizzes will take place most Thursdays at the end of recitation and will last approximately 20 minutes. Online homework is done in MyMathLab through Carmen. I will post exam information when I receive it.

My past teaching / grading experience:

I received a 2014-2015 Distinguished First-Year Graduate Teaching Associate award.