When Americans read my name from a paper, as a matter of fact they see the letters f,a,t,i,h and say the first word that they know consisting of those letters: Faith!


And my response is "Did you say Faith?"

They check what is written again and correct what they have said with apologies.

Here you will find funny things about this -which will never be all unless Americans start naming their boys Fatih-.

a story

i was at this market buying some food like 6 months ago. by that time i was pretty much used to being called Faith by strangers. the cashier woman took my credit card and asked for an ID. i felt that it was going to happens again. but no! this is way more different than others. while i was taking my id out of my wallet, she quickly read my name from the card and accused me: "hey you are not Faith!".

do you see her point? she thought i had stolen the card from a woman called Faith because -appearently- i was not a woman.

My response is "That's not Faith! i comes after t!" She started apologizing. after i was finished with the paying, she had apologized more than 10 times.

Last Updated: September 24, 2009