The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), March 16--17, 2019

The first talk on Saturday (3/16) will begin at 8:30am, and the workshop will end on Sunday (3/17) at 1pm.

Talks will be held in Eighteenth Avenue (EA) 160 and 170.


Please use this link to register for the workshop.

Invited Talks:

  • Tom Goodwillie (Brown): two 1-hour talks
  • Michael Weiss (Muenster): two 1-hour talks
  • Michael Ching (Amherst): one 1-hour talk
  • Brenda Johnson (Union): one 1-hour talk
  • John Klein (Wayne State): one 1-hour talk
  • Ayelet Lindenstrauss (Indiana): one 1-hour talk

Contributed Talks:

(14+ contributed talk slots of 20-minutes each in two parallel sessions)

  • Jacobson Blomquist (Binghamton)
  • Duncan Clark (Ohio State)
  • Kyle Ferendo (Brown)
  • Keely Grossnickle (Kansas State)
  • Philip Hackney (Louisiana)
  • Jens Kjaer (Notre Dame)
  • Robin Koytcheff (Louisiana)
  • Cynthia Lester (Oregon)
  • Apurva Nakade (Johns Hopkins)
  • Peter Patzt (Purdue)
  • Yuri Sulyma (UT Austin)
  • Paul Tsopmene (Regina)
  • David White (Denison)
  • Sarah Yeakel (Maryland)


  • Ernie Fontes: fontes.17 (at) osu (dot) edu
  • John E. Harper: harper.903 (at) osu (dot) edu
  • Christina Osborne: osborne.475 (at) osu (dot) edu
  • Nath Rao: rao.3 (at) osu (dot) edu

We acknowledge funding from (1) The Math Research Institute (MRI) under "The Ohio State Department of Mathematics Thematic Year on Topology" and (2) The NSF-RTG #1547357 "Algebraic Topology and its Applications".