Subfactors in Maui July 18-22, 2011


Program Description
The Maui Subfactor Conference will be held July 18-22, 2011 in Maui, HI. This conference is supported by a DARPA seedling grant, and the subject matter will follow its focus on the classification of subfactors and fusion categories and the connections between random matrices and planar algebras.

Information for participants
The organizers will arrange for most people to stay at Maui Sunset in Kihei. There are many nearby alternatives for anyone who would prefer to stay elsewhere.
The relevant airport is Kahului Airport (OGG).
Talks will most likely be held at the Kihei Community College.

Confirmed Participants
Dietmar Bisch, Vanderbilt University
Arnaud Brothier, KU Leuven/Institut Mathematiques de Jussieu
Richard Burstein, Vanderbilt University
Stephen Curran, UCLA
Ruy Exel, Florianopolis, Brasil
Tony Falcone, DARPA
Pinhas Grossman, IMPA Brasil
Mike Hartglass, UC Berkeley
Vaughan Jones, Vanderbilt/UC Berkeley
David Jordan, MIT
Zhengwei Liu, University of New Hampshire
Scott Morrison, Australian National University/Miller Institute/UC Berkeley
Dave Penneys, UC Berkeley
Emily Peters, MIT
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko, UCLA
Thomas Sinclair, UCLA/Vanderbilt
Noah Snyder, Columbia University
James Tener, UC Berkeley
Hans Wenzl, UC San Diego
Feng Xu, UC Riverside

9a-10a: Vaughan Jones - Manifestly unitary chiral WZW?
10:30a-11:30a: Feng Xu - On a problem about tensor product of subfactors
11:45a-12:45p: Dave Penneys - Infinite index
Monday evening at Maui sunset: Tony Falcone - Does Mathematics at DARPA = Military Intelligence?

Talks Tuesday-Friday will be held at Maui College, in room Laulima 102 (map).


Other talks to be scheduled:
Scott Morrison - Blob homology
Hans Wenzl - Subfactors related to the qBrauer algebra
Ruy Exel - Cartan subalgebras in the C* context
Arnaud Brothier - The Takesaki equivalence relation
Scott Morrison - The 4.73 colour theorem
Steve Curran - On the planar algebra of the symmetric enveloping inclusion
Hans Wenzl - q-Brauer algebras
Pinhas Grossman - Quantum subgroups of the Haagerup fusion categories
David Jordan - Fusion categories in small dimensions: a playground for higher categories
Thomas Sinclair - Exactness for Subfactors
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko - Planar Algebras, Random Matrices and Subfactors
Dietmar Bisch - Compostion of subfactors, and planar algebras

Contact Dave Penneys at or Scott Morrison at for more information.

The organizers and participants would like to thank DARPA for making this conference possible.

last modified: 7/13/2011