My email address is rao.(the smallest odd prime) _you know what_, with the sequence (...) replaced by the number it describes.
Phone: 740-366-9341 or 614-292-4094 (Columbus area) or 5-9341 (campus)
Don't use the phone to contact me unless you lack access to e-mail. Using the phone to contact me is much less efficient than e-mail.
All course related material is hosted on Carmen.
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My research interest is homotopy theory , including category theory related to axiomatic approaches to homotopy theory, coherence etc.


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Odds and Ends

Among my hobbies are Sanskrit literature and grammar, and related areas of Indo-European linguistics. Right now, all I have time put in are some document servers.
GRETIL archive TITUS archive More Sanskrit Document Servers

Temporary link to some UTF documents till I figure out how get unrooted Android devices to use real unicode fonts.