David Terman


Professor, Mathematics

Recent publications

Activity patterns in a model for the subthalamopallidal network of the basal ganglia (with J.E. Rubin, A.C. Yew and C.J. Wilson)  Journal of Neuroscience, 22 (2002) 2963-2976

Move to the Rhythm: oscillations in the subthalamic nucleus-external globus pallidus network (with M.D. Bevan, P.J. Magill, J.P. Bolam and C.J. Wilson) PDF Trends in Neuroscience, 25 (2002) 523-531

A model of reverse spike frequency adaptation and repetitive firing of subthalamic nucleus neurons (with C.J. Wilson, A. Weyrick, N. Hallworth and M.D. Bevan) PDF J. Neurophysiology, , 91 (2003) 1963-1980

State space (with Eugene M. Izhikevich) State space. Scholarpedia, (2008) 3(3):1924

Synchronized bursts and loss of synchrony among heterogeneous conditional oscillators (with J.E. Rubin) SIAM J. Applied Dynamical Systems, 1 (2002) 146-174

High frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus eliminates pathological thalamic rhythmicity in a computational model (with J. Rubin) J. Comp. Neuroscience, 16 (2004) 211-235

Functional reorganization in thalamocortical networks: Transition between spindling and delta sleep rhythms (with A. Bose and N. Kopell) PNAS , 93 (1996), 15417-15422.

Global competition and local cooperation in a network of neural oscillators (with D.L. Wang), Physica D., 81 (1995), 148-176

Propagating activity patterns in large-scale inhibitory neuronal networks (with J. Rinzel, X.-J. Wang, and B. Ermentrout), Science , 279 (1998) 1351-1355

Review Articles

Geometric singular perturbation analysis of neuronal dynamics (with J. Rubin), Handbook of Dynamical systems, vol. 2: Toward Applications (B. Fiedler, G. Iooss, eds.) Elsevier, Amsterdam

An Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Neuronal Dynamics PDF

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