Applied Math Seminar, The Ohio State University

The Applied Math Seminar meets on Thursdays 1:50-2:45, in MW 154. The schedule is below. If you would like to speak in the seminar, please contact Joseph Tien (tien dot 20 at osu dot edu) or Dongbin Xiu (xiu dot 16 at osu dot edu).


Date  Speaker Title
Fall 2019
August 22 Bo Zhang (UC Davis) Carrying capacity in a heterogeneous environment with habitat connectivity
October 17 Jie Shen (Purdue) Structure preserving schemes for complex nonlinear systems
October 24 Jia Gou (Minnesota) Theoretical and Computational Studies of Mathematical Models in Biology
October 31 Grzegorz Rempala (OSU) Survival dynamical systems: Micro Models from Macro Perspective
Spring 2020
January 16 Alexandria Volkening (Northwestern) Topological data analysis to quantify zebrafish skin patterns
February 6 Chris Danforth (Vermont) Sociotechnical Dynamics Revealed by Books & Social Media
February 20 Marissa Renardy (Michigan) Mathematical and computational modeling as tools for tuberculosis elimination
March 5 Jameson Cahill (New Mexico State) Stable group invariant signal representations
March 26 Mason Porter (UCLA) TBD
April 2 Mirjeta Pasha (Kent State) TBD
April 7 (Tuesday) Ivan Sudakov (Dayton) TBD