MATH / PUBH-EPI 5421 Course Projects

Logistics: These are intended to be group projects, roughly 2-4 students per group (more is possible, but check with me). The following are due May 3: 1) One written report per group. This should be organized in a similar fashion to scientific paper (i.e. introduction, concise statement of what precisely you are trying to accomplish, methods, your findings and their implications, references). Please make it readable -- your writing is part of your grade. Rough guideline 10-15 pages. 2) Oral presentation, including participation by all group members. 20 minutes for presentation, plus questions. 3) Feedback on other group presentations. This includes active participation in the Q&A session, together with providing some written feedback on a short form following the presentations.

Suggested topics: Below are some possible course project topics, broadly defined. I am very open to other topics -- if you have something in mind, please discuss with me and we can see if it is suitable.