Date Speaker Title
September 28 Chris Kennedy (OSU) Postnikov Towers and Bott Manifolds
October 5 Elden Elmanto (Northwestern) Infinite Loop Spaces in Algebraic Geometry*
October 19 James Quigley (Notre Dame) The motivic Mahowald invariant*
October 26 Eva Belmont (MIT) Localizing the E_2 page of the Adams spectral sequence*
November 2 Phillip Jedlovec (Notre Dame) The generalized homology of BU<2k>
November 9 Bob Bruner (Wayne State) Applications of homological algebra to homotopy
November 16 Jens Kjaer (Notre Dame) The homology of algrebras over the spectral Lie operad
November 30 Guchuan Li (Northwestern) TBA
December 7 Peter Haine (MIT) TBA
February 1 Nima Rasekh (UIUC) TBA
April 5 Nicholas Meadows (Western Ontario) TBA

* Unsual time and location.

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