How did I build this website?

This website is written in HTML5 and CSS based on a template by FREEHTML5TEMPLATES. Lately, I’ve started to edit the content of my website in Markdown, which I then translate to HTML using nvALT. Markdown is a plain text syntax designed with readability and portability in mind. You can learn more about it here. I also use Cyberduck to keep all my local files synced with the web server.

LaTex on the Mac

The easiest way to install LaTex on a Mac is to use the MacTex distribution. It contains everything you’ll ever need (which is why it’s so heavy!), including a couple of front end editors. Download it here. My favorite LaTex editor is Sublime Text equipped with Latexing.

Organizing your papers

Dealing with hundreds of PDFs can be complicated. The name of a file is not the best way to get information about its content, and you don’t want to be opening the PDFs every time you’re organizing them. I’m currently using Zotero as my reference manager. It’s open source, it’s fast, and it synchronizes your library with multiple devices.