"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching." --- Randall G Leighton

Welcome! We always look forward to work with highly motivated postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in mathematical biology. If you are interested in learning more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to contact me. Postdocs interested in joining us can apply for the visiting assistant professor positions at the Department of Mathematics or the postdoctoral fellowships at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) through mathjobs.org. Interested graduate students can apply for PhD or MS in the Department of Mathematics or PhD in the Biophysics Graduate Program.

Research assistant postions for PhD students are available
Group meeting schedule

  • Alexandria Volkening (MBI Postdoc, 2017-)
  • Xige Yang (PhD student, expected Fall 2018)
  • Ray Lee (PhD student)
  • Qin Guo (visiting PhD student)
  • Elizabeth Hance (MS student)
  • Anthony Brown, Neuroscience, Ohio State University
  • Keith Gooch, Biomedical Engineering, Ohio State University
  • Chen Gu, Neuroscience, Ohio State University
  • Xiaoming He, Bioengineering, University of Maryland College Park
  • Iris Meier, Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University
  • Chandan K. Sen, School of Medicine, Ohio State University

  • Avner Friedman, Math, Ohio State University
  • Bei Hu, Math, University of Notre Dame
  • Radek Erban, Math, Oxford University, UK
  • Kevin Painter, Math, Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Hyung Ju Hwang, Math, Postech University, Korea
  • Tong Li, Math, University of Iowa
  • Hans Othmer, Math, University of Minnesota
  • Min Tang, Math, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Michael Winkler, Math, Universität Paderborn, Germany

  • Past
  • Xiulan Lai (Postdoc, 2016-2018, joint with Avner Friedman, now Renmin University)
  • Gunes Senel (MS in Computation, 2017)
  • Kevin Walsh (rotation student in Biophysics, fall 2017)
  • Gregory Jameson (rotation student in Biophysics, summer 2016).
  • Jonathan Toy (MS in Math Bio, 2016 -> Data Science@NYU)
  • Xinran Zhao (MS in Statistics, 2016 -> Huntington Bank)
  • Susan Foss (MS in Math Bio, 2015)
  • Adaleigh Pritchard (MS in Math Bio, 2014)
  • Mayuran Ravindran (BS in Biomedical Sciences, 2013-2015, joint with Anthony Brown -> Medical School@OSU)
  • Xinran Zhao (BS in Applied Math, 2013-2014, joint with Anthony Brown)
  • Erin Zwick (BS in Theoretical Math, 2012-2013, joint with Keith Gooch -> Medical School@U Wisconsin Madison)
  • Lauren Huser (BS in Biomedical Engineering, 2012-2013, joint with Keith Gooch -> BME@Cincinnati)
  • Clinton Durney (MS in Math Bio, 2013 -> Math @ UBC)
  • Blerta Shtylla (MBI postodoc, now Pomona College)

  • Resources