Tao Yang 杨涛

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Tao Yang, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
505 Math Tower, 231 W18th
Columbus, OH 43210, USA

Office: 505 Math Tower
E-mail: yang.1204@osu.edu
Office phone: (614) 292-6063
Office Hours: MW 9:10-10:35 or by appointment


📙 Summer 2017 Math 1172

Research Interests

I conducted my dissertation research at the Ohio State University under the supervision of Henri Moscovici. My research interests are Noncommutative geometry and applications to topology and geometry. To be more specific, I work with geometric Hopf algebras and their action on noncommutative algebras, Hopf cyclic cohomology, bicrossed product, paracocyclic and bicocyclic modules. You can find a detailed exposition of my past research, my present and future research interests in my research statement.

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