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Calcium Oscillation Calcium oscillation

Lorenz System Lorenz attractor

L-System Tree L system

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Fern Formation Iterative function system

Turing's Pattern Turing's stripe

Enzyme Dynamics Michaelis–Menten kinetics

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Sun Flower Sunflower phyllotaxis

Tumor Growth Tumor growth

Gray Scott Reaction diffusion equations


Dynamic system is a mathematical branch studying complex behavior of the nature, and it's attracting more and more attentions nowadays. All above animation gifs are examples of (continuous or discrete) dynamic system. Click the above animations to see the details

Below are some computer experiments I've done, as well as some of my research summaries. Please E-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Research Gallery

1. Continuous Dynamical Systems -- from differential equation point of view
1.1 Calcium oscillation
1.2 Lorenz attractor
1.3 A taste on nonlinear reaction diffusion equations (upcoming soon!)
1.4 A brief summary of methods in second order parabolic equations

2. Discrete Dynamical Systems -- from a computational botany point of view
-- An in-depth and beautiful reference: Algorithmic Botany Homepage
2.1 L system
2.2 Fibonacci number and phyllotaxis (upcoming soon!)
2.3 Iterative function system (upcoming soon!)

3. Algorithms
3.1 Delaunay triangulation of a circle
3.2 Cell configuration simulator
3.3 A comparison among finite difference, finite element, finite volume and spectral methods

4. My Candidacy Researches
4.1 Cell chemotaxis
4.2 Cytoskeleton dynamics
4.3 Hybrid methods
4.4 Pattern formation and phase transition dynamics (upcoming soon!)


A small online javascript game built by me

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