Qing Zhang


Office: MW 220

Office phone: 614-292-6805


Graduate Teaching Associate

Graduate Student

Department of Mathematics

The Ohio State University

231 W 18th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

Research Interest:

Automorphic forms, L-functions and their local aspects; Representations of p-adic groups.


1, A local converse theorem for U(1,1), available at:

http://arxiv.org/abs/1508.07062 ;

2, A local converse theorem for U(2,2), available at:

http://arxiv.org/abs/1509.00900 ;

3,  (with Jingsong Chai) A strong multiplicity one theorem for SL(2), available at:


4, Stability of gamma factors for Sp(2n) and U(n,n), available at:


5, On the dependence of local Rankin-Selberg gamma factors for Sp(2n) \times GL(m) on psi, arXiv: http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.07618

6, Uniqueness of Fourier-Jacobi model for G2 over p-adic field, in preparation,

7,  Stability of local gamma factors for G2, in preparation,


  1. Math 1151: Calculus I, Autumn 2012, OSU

  2. Math 1172: Calculus II, Spring 2013, OSU

  3. Math 1172: Calculus II, Autumn 2013, OSU

  4. Math 1161: Accelerated calculus I, Autumn 2014, OSU

  5. Math 1161: Accelerated calculus I, Autumn 2015, OSU