Yilong Zhang

Email: zhang.6100@osu.edu
Office: Mathematics Building MA 438

Brief Introduction

I recently graduated as a Ph.D. from the Mathematics Department at The Ohio State University. My advisor was Prof. Herb Clemens. I study algebraic geometry and my research interests lie in topology of algebraic varieties, Hodge theory, D-modules, geometry of cubic threefolds/fourfolds, moduli space of curves and sheaves.

I will become a Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Department of Mathematics, Purdue University in August 2022.

Here is my CV.

My name in Chinese character: 张义龙 (Simplified), 張義龍 (Traditional)


  • Cohomology of Hypersurfaces in P^4 and Tube Mapping, in preparation, 17 pages. slides
  • Topological Abel-Jacobi Map for Hypersurfaces in Projective Four-Space (thesis) pdf
  • Topological Abel-Jacobi Map and Mixed Hodge Structures. arXiv:2109.05717
  • Hilbert Scheme of Skew Lines on Cubic Threefolds and Locus of Primitive Vanishing Cycles. arXiv:2010.11622
  • Recent and Upcoming Talks/Events

  • Conference in Algebraic Geometry in honor of Claire Voisin at Institut Henri Poincaré Amphi Hermite on May 16 - 20, 2022.
  • Geometric Structures (re)United at University of Illinois, Chicago on June 12 - 17, 2022.
  • Derived Categories, Moduli Spaces, and Hyperkähler Varieties at University of Michigan on July 30 - Aug 5, 2022.
  • Seminars at OSU

    Here are Algebraic Geometry Seminar and Arithmetic Geometry Seminar, and Graduate Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar at OSU.

    Here is a series of student seminars on algebraic geometry that I organized in the past with the guidance of Herb Clemens:
  • Sp 20: Rational Curves on Quintic Threefolds.
  • Su - Au 19: Springer Theory and Deformation Theory.
  • Sp 19: Algebraic Surfaces and Perverse Sheaf and Intersection Homology.
  • Au 18: Hodge Theory and D-modules.

  • These are preceded by a series of reading seminars led by Herb Clemens:
  • Sp - Su 18: Algebraic Curves and Abelian Varieties.
  • Au 17: Complex Geometry.
  • Su - Au 16: Basic Algebraic Geometry.

  • I also co-organized the Graduate Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar with Aniket Shah in Sp 19, Au 19, and Sp 20. It was later run by Deniz Genlik. Here is the current website.


    In Au 2021, I was a graduate research associate for Prof. Marty Golubitsky and my responsibility was to make exercises for an online Linear Algebra book, which is available on GitHub.

    I was a teaching assistant in the following courses in the past:
  • Su 21, Math 2153, Calculus III.
  • Sp 21, Math 2173, Engineer Math B.
  • Au 20, Math 2153, Calculus III.
  • Au 18, Math 1172, Engineer Math A.
  • Sp 17, Math 1151, Calculus I.
  • Au 16, Math 1151, Calculus I.
  • Outreach

    In Spring 2022, I'm mentoring two undergraduate students in Math Cycle and Directed Reading Program, respectively. One student explores mathematical formulation of the "figure-eight phenomenon" in astronomy. The other student studies stereographic projections and Mobius transformations.


  • May 2020, O-Minimal Chow's Theorem
  • Dec 2019, Brieskorn's Theorem on Fundamental Groups

  • Last updated on May 10, 2022