Ohio Eminent Scholar in Scientific Computing 
Department of Mathematics 
The Ohio State University 
231 West 18th Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43210 
Tel: 614-292-4010 (office), 614-292-7174 (fax) 
Email: baker@math.ohio-state.edu 

You can look at my CV here:  curriculum vitae

My research interests span several discplines: Scientific Computing;  Computational Fluid Dynamics with special interest in free surface flows and flows with vorticity. Lately I have become interested in water waves and their propagation with the application to ocean wave dynamics.

Some of my recent publications are :
 Singularities in the complex physical plane for deep water waveswater to appear in J. Fluid Mech.
 BIT for free surface flows Chapter 8 in Boundary Element Methods in Engineering and Sciences, Computational and Experimental Methods in Structures - Vol. 4, Imperial College Press (2011)
 Contextual learning in math education for engineers, Innovations 2011: World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research, eds. W. Aung, et al., iNEER, Potomac, MD, USA, pp. 308-325.
 A comparison of blob methods for vortex sheet roll up J. Fluid Mech. (2006), 196, pp. 297 - 316.

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