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Nov. 28
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Math tutor locations and hours
Table of trigonometric identities
Some special factorization formulas
<>FYI - solving polynomials-web resources: Here is how  The cubic formula looks  like.  This web article  is very nice, please read it.
                                                 If after reading the article above you are still curious about the formula for solving polynomials of fourth degree,
                                              you can check this website:
  Solving Quartic Equation
 for polynomials degree 5 and higher there are no general formulas for roots which involve radicals only.   

Review trigonometry: Web resource:  Referring angles to an acute one(preferred)                                                                                                              
                            and another one:   Trig functions for any angle
                            see also Sec. 1.7

A few links on undergraduate research opportunities:
Undergraduate research at OSU

REU research program
College of Math and Phys Sciences

Tuesday Nov. 28
Topics: 10.4
10.4: 1,3,7,19, 28 and all the other problems in 10.4
            10.5: 8, 14, 16

Wednesday Nov. 29
Topics: 10.7
Solve: 10.7: 3, 6, 8, 13, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26

Thursday Nov. 30
Topics: Review of integration 10.8
10.8: many problems

Review   Review

Review guide

This page containing trigonometric formulae: this page will be included with the final exam.
You are also allowed to bring to the exam your own cheat-sheet: one page only, but you can use both sides of the paper.

Final Exam: Thursday Dec 7,   7:30 a.m.-9:18 a.m. see schedule (please check!)