Math H161 , Autumn 2006Call # 12847-9

Class meeting time: MTWRF at 10:30 a.m. in CL 0137

: Rodica D. Costin
Office: Math Tower 436
Office hours
: Tuesday, Thursday 11:30 – 12:18 p.m.  and by appointment
: Simmons, Calculus with analytic geometry, second edition.

Tutoring for H161: in CH 138

Every day after lecture you need to solve the homework problems (click here). The list of problems is updated daily after lecture.

You are responsible for solving these problems by the next lecture (yes, this usually means: by 10:30 a.m. of the next day).

Occasional quizzes will consist of problems very similar to these.
The quizzes will be worth 5 points each. No make-up quizzes will be allowed, but the two lowest scored will be dropped.

Writing up and turning in for grading:

Homework problems listed as 'Solve' are to help you master the material. To achieve this goal, you may need to solve more, or fewer such problems. These do not need to be turned in for grading. (Keep their solutions to help you review for the exams.)

Homework problems listed as 'Solve, write-up and turn in' need to be solved, written up and turned in for grading.
The due date will be posted on the website (the due date is usually on a Monday).The grader will randomly choose three problems for grading, each worth 2 points: one for a good solution, one for a good presentation and sufficient explanations. Always justify your answers and calculations!

No late homework will be accepted.

Writing up solutions:
you need to show all your work (show calculations, provide explanations, cite theorems). An answer alone may not receive full credit!
How do you know how detailed your explanations should be? 
Imagine you need to explain to your friend how to solve that particular problem (for best results imagine a friend who does not really understand that stuff).
Also, I will always try (and hopefully succeed) to set a good example in class, and write on the blackboard what I would like to see in write-ups.

There will sometimes be 'Bonus problems” posted. These are optional. Please do write up solutions to bonus problems on a separate sheet of paper (do not forget to write you name!), and place them in a separate pile than the regular homework.

The final grade will be determined by your total number of points as follows:
Midterm exam I 100 points
Midterm exam II 100 points
Final exam 200 points
Homework and Quizzes 150 points

Tests: The midterm exams are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday Oct 24 and Tuesday Nov 14 (not 15!).
Final exam
(tentative date - Thu Dec 77:30 AM - 9:18 AM)