PEAK 2017:

Workshop on Perspectives and Emerging Topics in Algebra and Konvexity
Haus Bergkranz, Austria

February 3-9, 2017


                                    Photo by Andreas Renner

This event is funded by DFG under the Conference grant DFG HA 4383/7-1.

Over the last decade, convexity has re-emerged as an powerful tool linking algebraic geometry and combinatorics. Although the connections between polyhedral and toric geometry are very well-known, the recent results exploiting convexity recognize new combinatorial structures on a much larger class of algebraic varieties. This work is especially striking for real varieties. In the other direction, spectacular progress in combinatorics has just been achieved by importing convex machinery from algebraic geometry. The primary scientific aim of this workshop is to explore these significant developments.

The focus of the meeting will be on identifying emerging trends, discussing work in progress, and above all, starting new projects and collaborations. We expect this conference to influence and initiate the next advances at the interface between algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and convexity.

Participation is by invitation only.

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Participants The Facilities Haus Bergkranz

The schedule consists of 18 hours of lectures by participants. The program is designed to encourage new research initiatives by allowing enough free time for discussion and by having all of the participants in the same residence.

Schedule of talks

We expect participants to arrive Friday February 3rd and leave Thursday February 9th. Lectures will start Saturday morning and end on Wednesday evening. Thursday February 9th. will be devoted to open discussions.



Name Affiliation
Arend Bayer University of Edinburgh
Greg Blekherman Georgia Institute of Technology
Maria Angelica Cueto The Ohio State University
Sandra Di Rocco Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Jan Draisma Universität Bern
Alex Fink Queen Mary University
Tyler Foster L'Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques - Institut Henri Poincaré
Christian Haase Freie Universität Berlin
Milena Hering University of Edinburgh
Nathan Ilten Simor Fraiser University
Anders Jensen Aarhus University
Philipp Jell Universität Regensburg
Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke Universität Osnabrück
Thomas Kahle OvGU Magdeburg
Kaie Kubjas Aalto Science Institute (Helsinki)
Anton Leykin Georgia Institute of Technology
Diane Maclagan University of Warwick
Christopher Manon George Mason University
Kalina Mincheva Yale University
Fatemeh Mohammadi University of Bristol - Technischen Universität Berlin
Benjamin Nill OvGU Magdeburg and Stockholm University
Sam Payne Yale University
Ragni Piene Centre of Mathematics for Applications and Universitetet i Oslo
Patrick Popescu-Pampu Université Lille 1
Elisa Postinghel Loughborough University
Claudiu Raicu University of Notre Dame
Cordian Riener Universität Konstanz
Felipe Rincon Universitetet i Oslo
Tim Römer Universität Osnabrück
Raman Sanyal Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Markus Schweighofer Universität Konstanz
Kristin Shaw Technischen Universität Berlin
Gregory G. Smith Queen's University
Frank Sottile Texas A&M University
Hendrik Süß The University of Manchester
Frank Vallentin Universität zu Köln
Volkmar Welker Philipps-Universität Marburg


Haus Bergkranz

The workshop will take place at Haus Bergkranz, a sports and study center run by Goethe-Universität Frankfurt located in Riezlern (Kleinwalsertal), Austria. The center is located in a valley, at the bottom of the mountain. It is equipped with a conference room with overhead projectors, screans, white boards and two chalkboards that seats about 60 people, as well as a reading room. For more than 30 years Haus Berkgranz has been hosting students workshop, research conferences and other academic activities. The relaxing atmosphere of this setting located in the heart of the montain provides an ideal environment for fruitful mathematical discussions and strongly encourages interactions among participants.


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Getting to Kleinwalsertal

The Facilities

Recreational Activites

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