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Conference on Algebraic Cycles, 2000

Speakers include:

Donu Arapura: Purdue University
Joseph Ayoub: University of Paris 13
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène: CNRS et Université de Paris-Sud
Matthias Flach: California Institute of Technology
Eric Friedlander: Northwestern University
Herbert Gangl: University of Durham
Henri Gillet: University of Illinois, Chicago
Li Guo: Rutgers University
Marc Levine: Northeastern University
James Lewis: University of Alberta
Stephen Lichtenbaum: Brown University
Gregory Pearlstein: Michigan State University
Claudio Pedrini: University of Genova
Chad Schoen: Duke University
Burt Totaro: Cambridge University
Mark Walker: University of Nebraska
Charles Weibel: Rutgers University
Karen Yeats: Boston University

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Reza Akhtar
(Miami University)

Patrick Brosnan
(University of British Columbia)

Roy Joshua
(The Ohio State University)

David Ellwood
(Clay Mathematics Institute)


This conference focuses on algebraic cycles/motives and their connections with arithmetic and mathematical physics.

Possibility of publishing the Conference Proceedings in the series "Clay Mathematics Proceedings", published by the AMS and the Clay Math Institute. ****

The organizers are planning to publish the proceedings of this conference in the above series. For that purpose, we are soliciting articles from the participants (and also other mathematicians working on algebraic cycles). The deadline for submission of manuscripts is November 30, 2008. You need to upload the latex file along with a dvi or pdf file of the manuscripts that you are submitting to the volume by clicking here and then using the instructions on the upload window that opens up.

The Clay Mathematics Proceedings is a high quality series and in addition to the referees that the organizers choose, there would be another referee appointed by the Clay Institute to make sure the volume meets the high standards of this series. You may consult http://www.claymath.org/publications/proceedings.php to see other volumes in this series.

**Important** The manuscripts need to be prepared in latex making use of the style file "cmip-l.cls". Detailed instructions for preparing your article, including all required style files may be found by clicking here. If you have any further questions in this regard, you may contact one of the organizers.

Schedule of Events

Monday, March 24

6:00p.m-8:00p.m   Reception at Holiday Inn.

Tuesday, March 25

8:00a.m - 9:20a.m Coffee, Registration MW 724 (Math Lounge)

All talks will be held in room E100 of Scott Laboratory.

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****Wireless Access to Conference Participants****

The math tower and the rest of the campus has wireless access. To use this, one needs to pick up a username and password at the time of registration. The access is only to the wireless connection "osuguest" and allows access only to a web browser.

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We have created an on-line registration form that we request you fill out and send it us (see above under Registration. Just click on the"send" button after you are finished filling it out). It is important that if you are planning on attending that you send the registration form to us. In addition, there will be a registration desk set-up in MW 724 starting 8:00am on March 25, where you may pay registration fees.

There are a block of rooms reserved for the conference at the Holiday Inn, 328 West Lane Ave, Columbus, Ohio, 43201. Tel:1-614-294-4848. (See http://www.holidayinnosu.com/). For reservations mention, The conference on Algebraic Cycles: price $94 per room. (If you are overseas, we suggest faxing your reservation to the hotel.) This is a special rate available only if you are part of the conference. We suggest, though that you wait till early October to do any of this, since the financial support for the conference will be in place only by then.The hotel is directly across from OSU and you can easily walk to the Conference rooms. You may also take a look at the following more or less complete list of hotels and motels in the general campus area. We have to warn you though, that the rates listed there may or may not be the same as what you may be able to obtain.

We will be able to provide support towards accommodation for a limited number of graduate students and post docs. A block of double rooms at $59/night have been blocked off at the Varsity Inn (see http://www.varsityinn.com ) which is a short walk from campus. This is mainly for the convenience of grad students/postdocs who may want to make use of the cheaper rates.

There is a registration fee of $30.00 for attending the conference, which includes the price for the conference banquet. This will be collected in Room 724 (the lounge) of the Math Tower before talks on March 25. (Only cash or checks accepted.)

Lunch. There are several locations on campus and within a short walk where you can have lunch (See Campus Dining).

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Directions to Campus

  • Directions to OSU Campus
  • Department of Mathematics, Math Tower
  • Campus Map
  • Columbus Overview Map
  • Directions from the Holiday Inn to the Math Tower: Turn East on West Lane Ave, cross and follow Tuttle Park Place till Woody Hayes Drive, then turn east till Neil Ave (i.e. the next set of lights) and follow Neil Ave to West 18th Ave. The Math Tower is slightly east on West 18th Ave at 231 West 18th. (Between 5 and 10 minutes walk.)
  • Directions from the Varsity Inn to the Math Tower: Cross the King Ave Bridge and walk on the east side of the Olentangy River bank, north to the Lincoln Tower, and then the south side of the stadium and east on West 17th Ave till Neil ave. The Math Department is on the left immediately after crossing Neil ave. (Between 15 and 20 minutes walk)
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The Ohio State Univeristy
Department of Mathematics
231 West 18th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone:(614) 292-4975
Fax: (614) 292-1479


Reza Akhtar: Miami University
Email: reza@calico.mth.muohio.edu

Patrick Brosnan: University of British Columbia
Email: brosnan@math.ubc.ca

Roy Joshua: The Ohio State University
Email: joshua@math.ohio-state.edu

David Ellwood: Clay Mathematics Institute
Email: ellwood@claymath.org

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Conference is sponsored by Clay Mathematics Institute, National Security Agency, National Science Foundation and MRI of The Ohio State University.