King-Yeung Lam (Adrian)


I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Ohio State University.

My research interest lies in the analysis of partial differential equations. I have worked on reaction-diffusion systems and free-boundary problems, which are inspired by applications in biology. My recent interest is to understand the effects of spatial heterogeneity and non-random transport in ecological models using an evolutionary game-theoretical approach.


Email: lam.184 "at"
Office: 612 Math Tower
Phone: (614)-688-3919
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  During Spring 2022,
  I am teaching a short course at
  Institut Henri Poinaré:
  Mathematical modeling of
  organization in living matter  

  Link to the program         Link to the course materials

Seminars and Events

PDE Seminar
Applied Math Seminar
Departmental Events
MBI Events
(Archive) Winter Workshop at Ohio State 2021 Dec 15-17

 (Archive)   Winter Hybrid Workshop:
  Competition Dynamics in Biology  
  Location: Ohio State University,
                  Columbus, OH
  Date: Dec 15-17, 2021

  Workshop URL

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