42nd Midwest Graph Theory Conference
April 28-29, 2006

Ohio State University Marion Campus

Conference Schedule
(Tentative as of April 24, 2006)

Friday April 28, 2006
5:00-7:00 pm
Welcome Reception
Guthery Community Room
220 Student Services Building
Local Restaurants
Saturday April 29, 2006
8:00-9:00 am
Registration Coffee and Donuts
MR 219
9:00-9:10 am
Welcome Remarks
Greg Rose, Dean and Director OSU Marion
MR 200 - Lecture Hall

Session I - MR 245
Session II - MR 249
9:15-9:35 am
Jozsef Balogh
On 2-detours subgraphs of the hypercube
Matt Walsh
Minimum pth power domination in graphs
9:40-10:00 am
Sergei Chmutov
Chromatic cohomology theory for graphs
Dan Pritikin
k-dependence and (1/2)-domination in kings graphs
10:05-10:25 am
Chris Altomare
Rao's Conjecture
Gexin Yu
Some new results on packing of sparse graphs
10:30-10:50 am
Oleg Pikhurko
Degree Sequences of F-Free Graphs
Terry McKee
Chord-Set Subgraphs
11:00-12:00 am
Invited Talk
Neil Robertson
On Degree Sequences Under Induced Subgraph Inclusion
MR 200 - Lecture Hall
12:00-1:30 pm

Session III - MR 245
Session IV - MR 249
1:30-1:50 pm
Taoye Zhang
Nowhere-zero 4-flow Petersen-minor free graphs
Nachimuthu Manickam
Terrain Model aquisition by Robot Teams
1:55-2:15 pm
Huiya Yan
Every 3-connected claw-free Z_8 free graph is Hamiltonian
Jay Bagga and Sunita Upadrasta
A Graph Editor and Graph Algorithms Implementation System
2:20-2:40 pm
Yehong Shao
New sufficient condition for hamiltonian graphs
Dave Anderson and
Ann Darke
Cost-Driven Transformation of Digraphs with Interdependent Nodes
2:45-3:05 pm
Ryan Martin
Vertex identifying codes in graphs: definitions, theorems
and open problems

Santosh Kumar
The Disk Covering Problem Revisited
3:05-3:45 pm

Session V - MR 245
Session VI - MR 249
3:45-4:05 pm
Xiaoya Zha
Spanning subsets of toroidal and Klein Bottle embeddings
Ju Zhou
Mod (2p+1)-orientations and K_{1,2p+1}-decompositions
4:10-4:30 pm
Nart Shawash
Minimal Vertex Conectivity of A_{n,k}
Tao Jiang
Bounding Anti-Ramsey numbers via Turan numbers
4:35-4:55 pm
Chris McClain
Edge Coloring Multigraphs: Goldberg's Conjecture
Reza Akhtar
Bounds for the edge-bandwidth of the triangular grid
5:00-5:20 pm
Bob Robinson
Counting Cycle Decompositions of 2-regular Digraphs
Zevi Miller
The edge bandwidth of Hamming graphs
5:30 pm
Survivor's dinner at Applebee's

Conference Organizer

John Maharry
Ohio State University - Marion


This conference is sponsored by Ohio State University Marion.

Please email your questions to maharry@math.ohio-state.edu.

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