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MATH 8800: Topological Phases of Matter

Here you can find the syllabus and a TeX homework template. Here are notes from Spring 2021. Here are other helpful links.

Announcements for 8800

2021/4/16, 17:12
Fusion Friday talk by Jacob Bridgeman
On Friday April 16, Jacob Bridgeman from the Perimeter Institute gave an expository talk on transfer matrices, the 2D classical Ising model, and the 1D transverse-field Ising model. We will watch this talk during class on Friday 2021/04/30.

2021/3/28, 15:51
Colloquium by Theo Johnson-Freyd
On Thursday April 1, Theo Johnson-Freyd from Dalhousie U/Perimeter Institute will give a colloquium at OSU on the classification of topological orders. As Thursday April 1 falls during the instructional break, we will not hold class on Friday April 2. That way, if you cannot (or do not want to) attend on April 1, you should watch the recording of the colloquium during the class period on Friday April 2.

2021/3/16, 12:53
Guest lecture by Julia Plavnik
On Monday March 22, we will have a guest lecture by Julia Plavnik from Indiana University on the classification of small rank (super) modular categories.

2021/3/16, 12:47
Guest lecture by Peter Huston
On Monday March 15, we had a guest lecture by Peter Huston from OSU on the Drinefld center (quantum double) of Vec(G). [notes]

2021/3/5, 10:03
Guest lecture by Maissam Barkeshli
On Wednesday March 10, we will have a guest lecture by Maissam Barkeshli from UMD on G-crossed braided tensor categories, based on his joint article Symmetry Fractionalization, Defects, and Gauging of Topological Phases [arXiv:1410.4540, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevB.100.115147]

2021/2/12, 9:45
Frontiers in QISE lecture
Our class is scheduled directly in conclict with the OSU extended symposium Frontiers in Quantum Information Science and Engineering. On Friday March 12, instead of lecture, we will attend Zhenghan Wang's lecture 3:30-4:30p titled Engineering New Physical Reality: Quantum Computing with Topological Materials.

2021/2/1, 10:35
Guest lecture by Bowen Shi
On Monday Feb 15, we will have a guest lecture by Bown Shi from UCSD on his joint article Fusion rules from entanglement [arXiv:1906.09376, DOI:10.1016/j.aop.2020.168164]

2021/1/11, 13:16
Website initiated
Materials are now being added to this course website.

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