Hi, you've reached Dan Thompson's webpage, where you can find information on my research and teaching activities.


Dan Thompson
Associate Professor
Office 552, Math Tower
Department of Mathematics
Ohio State University
Email: thompson@math.osu.edu


Click here for my research website and preprints

Teaching 2018-2019:

Fall 2018, Math 3345 Foundations of Mathematics (2 sections)

Spring 2019, Math 7222 Ergodic Theory II

Here's a picture of me back in my Penn State days (I should really update this at some point):

Me at work

Teaching archive:

Spring 2018, Math 4547 Real Analysis
Fall 2017, Math 4547 Real Analysis (2 sections)
Spring 2017, Math 3345 Foundations of Mathematics (2 sections)
Fall 2016, Math 7221 Ergodic Theory I
Fall 2015 Math 8210 Topics in Real Analysis: Topics in Smooth and Topological Dynamics
Fall 2015 Math 3345 Foundations of Mathematics
Fall 2014 Math 3345 Foundations of Mathematics
Fall 2013 Math 1181H Honors Calculus
Fall 2012 Math 3345 Foundations of Mathematics.

At Penn state:

Spring 2012, Math 406, Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Scientists (Complex Analysis)
Fall 2011, Math 111, Techniques of Calculus II
Fall 2010, Math 312, Concepts of Real Analysis.
Fall 2010, Math 411, Ordinary Differential Equations.
Fall 2009, Math 250, Ordinary Differential Equations.