Joseph H. Tien

Welcome! I am an associate professor of mathematics at Ohio State University. My research interests include modeling infectious disease dynamics, network science, data science, and the use of data-driven methods to promote informed civic engagement.

I am affiliated with the Infectious Diseases Institute, the Mathematical Biosciences Instutute, and the Division of Epidemiology.

I am co-founder and director of the Center for the Study of Networks and Society, a non-profit for using data for social good. Some work we have been doing on data and society initiatives can be found here.

Here is a brief CV.

I am on leave for academic year 2018-2019.

Some courses I have taught previously are listed below:

Post-docs interested in working with me are encouraged to apply for the three year postdoctoral fellowships at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) here at Ohio State.

Interested graduate students can apply to either the math department's Ph.D. program or the Master's program in mathematical biology. An overview of all graduate programs in the department can be found here.

I also work with students in the Epidemiology Division of the College of Public Health.

Undergraduates at OSU can study mathematical biology through the biology track within the mathematics major. For several years, OSU was home to the RUMBA program, which provided opportunities to pursue research in mathematical biology. MBI also holds an annual summer program on mathematical biology for undergraduates. This latter program is open to undergraduates outside of Ohio State as well.

Current and former students and postdocs I have worked with are listed here.