2005 Midwest Geometry Conference

Ohio State University, Columbus

April 29 - May 1, 2005

Organizing Committee:
Thomas Branson (U. of Iowa), Andrzej Derdzinski (Ohio State), Tadeusz Januszkiewicz (Ohio State), Lawrence Peterson (U. of North Dakota), John Ryan (U. of Arkansas), S. Walter Wei (U. of Oklahoma), Fangyang Zheng (Ohio State)

The conference was supported by a grant from NSF along with funding from the Mathematical Research Institute of the Ohio State University and College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the Ohio State University.

  • Positively curved manifolds
  • Ricci flow, solitons and Einstein metrics
  • Geometric group theory

  • Plenary talks:

    There were also 30-minute contributed talks and a discussion session on future directions in geometry.

    Click for the schedulelist of participantstitles of talksabstracts,  a white paper pdf, html by Lawrence Peterson, summarizing the session on future directions,  an online registration formhotel informationbanquet information.

    If you have questions, contact Andrzej Derdzinski, andrzej@math.ohio-state.edu

    Last updated on June 20, 2005.