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Schedule of Events

All talks will be held in room CH240 (Cockins Hall 240).

Monday, August 7

8:00a.m - 9:20a.m Coffee, Registration MW 724 (Math Lounge)
9:30a.m-10:25a.m James Lewis (in person)- University of Alberta
The Complexity of Higher Chow Groups
10:30a.m - 10:55a.m Break
11a.m-11:55a.m Ajneet Dhillon (in person) - University of Western Ontario
Cartier and Mukai duality and commutative group stacks
12noon - 1:55p.m Lunch Break
2:00p.m -2:55p.m Ravindra Girivaru (in person)- University of Missouri (St. Louis)
Lefschetz theorems for higher rank bundles
3:00p.m-3:25p.m Tea Break
3:30p.m -4:25p.m Xi Chen (on Zoom)- University of Alberta
Moduli of Curves on K3 Surfaces

Tuesday, August 8

8:00a.m - 8:55a.m Coffee MW 724 (Math Lounge)
9:00a.m-9:55a.m Fabien Morel (in person)- University of Munich
On the Poincar'e duality of the cellular A^1-chain complex of a smooth projective variety
10:00a.m - 10:25a.m Break
10:30a.m-11:25a.m Deepam Patel (in person) - Purdue University
Push forward of Boundary Monodromy
11:30a.m-2:00p.m Lunch Break
2:00p.m -2:55p.m Charles Doran (in person)- University of Alberta/Bard College
Modularity of Landau-Ginzburg Models
3:00p.m-3:25p.m Tea Break
3:30p.m -4:25p.m Connor Cassady (in person)- Ohio State University
Universal quadratic forms over semi-global fields

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Wednesday, August 9

8:00a.m - 8:55a.m Coffee MW 724 (Math Lounge)
9:00a.m-9:55a.m Roy Joshua (in person) - Ohio State University
Equivariant Algebraic K-theory and Derived completion II: the case of equivariant homotopy K-theory and applications
10:00a.m - 10:25a.m Break
10:30a.m-11:25a.m Gregory Pearlstein (on Zoom) - University of Pisa
Infinitesimal Torelli and rigidity results for a remarkable class of elliptic surfaces
11:30a.m - 2:00p.m Lunch Break
2:00p.m -2:55p.m Ursula Whitcher (in person) - American Math Society
Highly symmetric Calabi-Yau Grassmannian hypersurfaces
3:00p.m - 3:25p.m Tea Break
3:30p.m - 4:25p.m Pablo Pelaez (on Zoom) - UNAM, Mexico
Incidence equivalence and the Bloch-Beilinson filtration
6:00p.m - 8:00p.m Dinner Math Lounge: MW 724

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Thursday, August 10

8:00a.m - 8:55a.m Coffee MW 724 (Math Lounge)
9:00a.m-9:55a.m Marco Schlichting (on Zoom)- University of Warwick
On the relation of Milnor-Witt K-theory and Hermitian K-theory
10:00a.m - 10:25a.m Break
10:30a.m -11:25a.m Aylet Lindenstrauss (on Zoom)- Indiana University
On the K-theory of division algebras over local fields
11:35a.m -12:30p.m Jens Hornbostel (on Zoom)- University of Wuppertal
Real topological Hochschild homology of schemes
12:35p.m-2:25pm Lunch Break
2:30p.m-3:25p.m Morgan Opie (in person) - UCLA
Topological vector bundles on complex projective spaces
3:30p.m-3:55p.m Tea Break
4:00p.m - 4:55p.m Soumya Sinha Babu (in person)- University of Georgia
K_2 and Quantum Curves

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Friday, August 11

8:00a.m - 8:25a.m Coffee MW 724 (Math Lounge)
8:30a.m-9:25a.m LEMARIE-RIEUSSET Clémentine (on Zoom)- University of Bourgogne
Motivic knot theory
9:30a.m - 10:00a.m Break
10:00a.m-10:55a.m Bernhard Koeck (on Zoom)- University of Southampton
Comparison of operations on higher K-theory
11:00a.m - 11:30a.m Break
11:30a.m - 12:25p.m Charles Weibel (in person) - Rutgers University
The $K$-theory of polynomial-like rings
12:30p.m - 1:55p.m Lunch and Departure

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