List of speakers:

Soumya Sinha Babu : University of Georgia
Connor Cassady : Ohio State University
Xi Chen : University of Alberta
Ajneet Dhillon : University of Western Ontario
Charles Doran: Bard College/University of Alberta
Ravindra Girivaru: University of St. Louis
Jens Hornbostel: University of Wuppertal
Roy Joshua : Ohio State University
Bernhard Koeck : University of Southampton
James Lewis : University of Alberta
Ayelet Lindenstrauss : Indiana University
Fabien Morel : University of Munich
Morgan Opie : University of California, Los Angeles
Deepam Patel : Purdue University
Pablo Pelaez : UNAM, Mexico
Greg Pearlstein : University of Pisa
Clémentine Lemarie-Rieusset: University of Bourgogne
Marco Schlichting: University of Warwick
Charles Weibel : Rutgers University
Ursula Whitcher : American Math Society


We have created an on-line registration form that we request you fill out and send it to us (see the above link for Registration. Just click on the"send" button after you are finished filling it out).

For participants, especially speakers: There is a limited block of rooms reserved for the conference at the Spring Hill Suites, 1421 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio, 43212. See Spring Hill Suites (See Map from SpringHill Suites to OSU). For reservations mention, The Math Conference on K-theory, Algebriac Cycles & Mathematical Physics : price $132 per room. (If you are overseas, we suggest faxing your reservation to the hotel.) This is a special rate available only if you are part of the conference. The hotel is within walking distance from OSU campus and you can easily walk to the Conference rooms. Included in the room rate are a full hot breakfast and free shuttle to campus. Please note that if you are an invited speaker, we have alreday reserved a room for you for 5 nights: therefore, in this case you need to contact the hotel only if you are planning to stay for a shorter duration.

For other participants: We may be able to provide support towards accommodation for a very limited number of graduate students and post docs. There are a number of hotels and motels close to the OSU campus: for example, the HolidayInn Express and Suites OSU, 3045 Olentangy River Road, OH, 43202. Please use the link Holiday Inn Express or call 614-447-1212 or fax to 614-447-1211 and mention you are part of the Math Conference on K-theory and Algebraic Cycles in August to receive the special rate. These are mostly rooms with two beds so that those who want to share a room can get half the above rate. If you are interested in sharing a room, please mention the name of the other person with whom you may wish to share the room with. Included in the room rate are a full hot breakfast and free shuttle to campus.

You may also take a look at the following more or less complete list of hotels and motels in the general campus area. We have to warn you though, that the rates listed there may or may not be the same as what you may be able to obtain.

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Lunch: There are several locations on campus and within a short walk where you can have lunch (See Campus Dining). For a list of other restaurants in Columbus, click here.

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Directions to Campus

  • Directions to OSU Campus
  • Department of Mathematics, Math Tower
  • Campus Map
  • Directions from the Spring Hill Suites to the Math Tower: Cross the King Ave Bridge and walk on the east side of the Olentangy River bank, north to the Lincoln Tower, and then the south side of the stadium and east on West 17th Ave till Neil ave. The Math Department is on the left immediately after crossing Neil ave. (Between 15 and 20 minutes walk)
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The Ohio State Univeristy
Department of Mathematics
231 West 18th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone:(614) 292-4975
Fax: (614) 292-1479


Aravind Asok: University of Southern California

Rob de Jeu:Vrije Universiteit

Roy Joshua: The Ohio State University

James Lewis: The University of Alberta

Ursula Whitcher: AMS

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Conference is sponsored by National Science Foundation, and the MRI of The Ohio State University.

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