Sanjeevi Krishnan

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I'm an assistant prof at Ohio State. Previously, I postdocked at the University of Pennsylvania, the Naval Research Lab, and jointly, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA Saclay) and École Polytechnique. I finished my Ph.D. in algebraic topology under the supervision of Peter May at the University of Chicago.
Algebraic topology provides methods for teasing out robust, global structure from local information. I am particularly interested in directed algebraic topology, an algebraic topology for local information that has a directional nature (like vector fields or semigroups), and its uses in such traditional applied subjects as optimization.
Positive Alexander Duality for Pursuit and Evasion
R. Ghrist, S. Krishnan, submitted 2016
Flow-cut dualities for sheaves on graphs
S. Krishnan, submitted 2015
A Topological Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem
R. Ghrist, S. Krishnan, Proceedings of Global Signal Inference, 2013.
Cubical approximation for directed topology I
S. Krishnan, Applied Categorical Structures, 2013, vol. 23, no 2, p. 177-214.
A free object in quantum information theory
J. Feng, K. Martin, S. Krishnan, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 2010.
Future path-components in directed topology
E. Goubault, E. Haucourt, S. Krishnan, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 2010, vol. 265, p. 325-335.
Covering space theory for directed topology
E. Goubault, E. Haucourt, S. Krishnan, Theory and Application of Categories, 2009, vol. 22, no 9, p. 252-268.
Criteria for homotopic maps to be so along monotone homotopies
S. Krishnan, GETCO 2004-2006 Proc., Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., (2009), vol. 230, pp. 141-148.
A convenient category of locally preordered spaces
S. Krishnan, Applied Categorical Structures, 2009, vol. 17, no 5, p. 445-466.
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Previously, I've taught Algebraic Topology (Penn), Multivariable Calculus (Penn and Chicago), Single-Variable Calculus (Chicago), and a survey course for engineers (OSU Math 2177), sampling a bit of Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and along the way, some Fourier Series. This coming spring semester, I'm teaching an intro course on Sheaf Theory.
Sheaf Theory: spring 2017 syllabus
S. Krishnan, created 2016. last updated 2016.
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