Midwest Graph Theory Conference
April 28-29, 2006

Ohio State University Marion Campus

(Submitted as of April 18,2006)

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Invited Speaker
Neil Robertson
Ohio State University
On Degree Sequences Under Induced Subgraph Inclusion

Taoye Zhang
West Virginia University
Nowhere-zero 4-flow Petersen-minor free graphs
Huiya Yan
West Virginia University
Every 3-connected claw-free Z_8 free graph is Hamiltonian
Ju Zhou
West Virginia University
Mod (2p+1)-orientations and K_{1,2p+1}-decompositions
Oleg Pikhurko
Carnegie Mellon University
Degree Sequences of F-Free Graphs
Yehong Shao
Ohio University Southern
New sufficient condition for hamiltonian graphs
Terry McKee
Wright State University
Chord-Set Subgraphs
Xiaoya Zha
Middle Tennessee State University
Spanning subsets of toroidal and Klein Bottle embeddings
Ryan Martin
Iowa State University
Vertex identifying codes in graphs: definitions, theorems
and open problems

Jozsef Balogh
University of Illinois
On 2-detours subgraphs of the hypercube
Nachimuthu Manickam
DePauw University
Terrain Model aquisition by Robot Teams
Nart Shawash
Oakland University
Minimal Vertex Conectivity of A_{n,k}
Bob Robinson
University of Georgia
Counting Cycle Decompositions of 2-regular Digraphs
Chris McClain
Ohio State University
Edge Coloring Multigraphs: Goldberg's Conjecture
Dave Anderson and
Ann Darke
Eymiha Corporation and Bowling Green University
Cost-Driven Transformation of Digraphs with Interdependent Nodes
Reza Akhtar
Miami University
Bounds for the edge-bandwidth of the triangular grid
Matt Walsh
Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne
Minimum pth power domination in graphs
Dan Pritikin
Miami University
k-dependence and (1/2)-domination in kings graphs
Zevi Miller
Miami University
The edge bandwidth of Hamming graphs
Tao Jiang
Miami University
Bounding Anti-Ramsey numbers via Turan numbers
Jay Bagga and Sunita Upadrasta
Ball State University
A Graph Editor and Graph Algorithms Implementation System
Santosh Kumar
Ohio State University
The Disk Covering Problem Revisited
Chris Altomare
Ohio State University
Rao's Conjecture
Sergei Chmutov
Ohio State University Mansfield
Chromatic cohomology theory for graphs
Gexin Yu
University of Illinois
Some new results on packing of sparse graphs

Conference Organizer

John Maharry
Ohio State University - Marion


This conference is sponsored by Ohio State University Marion.

Please email your questions to maharry@math.ohio-state.edu.

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