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(under major reconstructive surgery)

Acknowledgment. I deeply and warmly express my ever lasting sincere gratitude to The Ohio State University, her leadership, and her executive personnel who are in charge of our ever changing and forward looking technological advances for giving me the frequent and never ending challenges and opportunities to fully reorganize, reoptimize, and reevaluate my electronic life, and, thereby, making our world a better place. I can foresee the day when peace and friendship will dominate our universe and then we can relax and enjoy the fruits of the infinite wisdom of The Ohio State University, her leadership, et cetera. With The Ohio State University, all things are possible (cf. Matthew, 19:26).

P.S. I wish I could also thank the OSU math dept technical support team for keeping me on the edge of my seat but, as it turns out, they have nothing to do with the executive decisions and they are just grudgingly doing what the higher ups order them to accomplish.

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