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Hello! My name is Cosmin Roman, and I am an Assistant Professor at the Lima campus of the OSU, one of the few places with high (and for the unprepared, almost lethal!) concentration of specialists in Ring Theory in the US. I am from Romania - while born in Bucharest, its capital, my hometown is Baia Mare, north-west part of Romania. I graduated a very prestigious highschool in Baia Mare, Gheorghe Sincai Lyceum; I got my bachelor degree from another prominent school, the Bucharest University in Romania (Mathematics Department), and Master and PhD degree from The Ohio State University.
I liked mathematics since I was in secondary school, and I participated in several national Math Olympiads (I was best at mathematics in my age group for a four years in a row in my county of Maramures, and got two 3rd prizes at the national Olympiad ... and one participation in the training camp for the International Olympiad; got close to going there ).
My other interests revolve around ancient history (Romania's history especially, which still abounds in mysteries), computers and computer science, music (I was a big fan of Depeche Mode; I'm into old romanian rock music nowadays).

On a personal note, I am married, and have four wonderful kids, their ages in an arithmetic progression (of course). I try to stay in touch with my brother, who among other things is a very succesful "scratcher", and with my friends and former coleagues from Romania (not always very succesful, but always trying).

Plans for the future (professionally, at least)? I love to teach, and want to get more people interested in Math, which is THE most fascinating field of study - and also get the Rings and their unruly offspring, the Modules, to behave ...

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