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Teaching information

Excerpt of the departmental page:

Office:GA 420L (Lima)
Phone:419-995-8644 (Lima)
OSU ID:Roman.37
Research Areas:Algebra
Module Theory, various injectivity-like properties, relations between modules and their endomorphisms ring.
Ring Theory
Theory of Rings and Modules

Office Hours
On leave.

Selected Publications

  1. 2004. Baer and Quasi-Baer Modules. Communications in Algebra. Vol. 32, no. 1: 103-123.
  2. 2007. On K-Nonsingular Modules and Applications. Communications in Algebra. Vol. 35, no. 9: 2960-2982.
  3. 2009. On Direct Sums of Baer Modules. Journal of Algebra. Vol. 321, no. 2: 682-696.

Old Stuff!

(this stuff might be completely outdated, given the many changes Math courses have seen; while still helpful, the materials below might not reflect current syllabi, and current textbooks; you have been warned!)

Math 131, WI 03: review sheets, midterm solutions etc (also, nice elements that I added on the page - feel free to copy and paste on any of your webpage projects!)
Math 132, WI 01: A LOT of solutions, but also some quizzes, a nice online calculator, and a funky calendar
Math 150, AU 01: some very nice graphs!! check them out
Math 153, AU 02: again, mostly solutions; a sample midterm
Math 415, AU 03: solutions for the two midterms
Math 548, SP 02: solutions for problems from the old book (also, turn volume down, 'cause the page talks to you!)
Math 549, AU 00: again, solutions for problems from the old book (same warning as above)