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Linux - Debian

NEW!! I participated last years, and every time it was great! LinuxFest @ Columbus is in its seventh year, and this year it's coupled with 40 years of Unix, the "venerable" ancestor of today's Linux and other *ux-es. Come share your Linux and/or Open Source passion!

My "badges" - participations at LinuxFest (and wishing I had not missed some ...)
missed 2005 ... and maybe also 2006 - although I'm not sure; I put the banner nevertheless

Computers - every level: mainframes, servers, workstations, laptops/notebooks, tablet pcs, PDAs, embedded (cellphones, watches, fridges).

History - Roman Empire, Dacia, Romania, medieval (i.e. Dark Age) Europe.

Music - Depeche Mode, Romanian rock music

Christian Orthodox pages: Romanian Orthodoxy.

How about some generators? not modules generators (or cogenerators), but close:

Slogans' generators; check out what it dows with rings and modules:

You Can Really Taste The Rings And Modules!

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more rings and modules slogans.

Alanis Morissette lyrics generator

YES lyrics generator (another lyrics gen ... but I used to like YES, in fact, so ...)

Surrealism generator:
(and here the link: Surrealism generator)

Many thanks to people from UserFriendly,org (popular destination for me, in fact) and their Link Of The Day!


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