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DAY: Sunday, December 7, 2003
TIME: 5:00-8:00 PM (but can stay longer, if needed)
LOCATION: CL (Caldwell Labs) 120

See you there!

Extended office hours Friday, December 5, 2003; 3:45 until 7:00

Final Office Hours: Monday, December 8, throughout the day (send an email to make sure I'm in!)

Info from your lecturer: Formulas present in the exam (which hints towards what problems you can expect, by the way)

  • Heat equation with zero boundary condition
  • Heat equation with zero derivative boundary condition
  • Variation of parameters

  • NEW! Solutions for past midterms! (will complete them by Monday night)

    Midterm 1 solutions revised! (right-click and save, or just click and print; you need acrobat reader)
    Midterm 2 solutions

    Don't hesitate to send me emails with questions (you can refer to the problems in the book by: Chapter #/Problem #; I can always send you a hint or a solution, either text or pdf document)


    Daily Joke! Scorillo's(*) Fortune Cookie: No amount of careful planning will ever replace dumb luck.
    (*) scorillo is the linux box in my office ...
    If you don't have Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader, and it 's your own computer then download it, using link below; if you're in a lab (qui te unlikely it doesn't have it installed, but ...) report to somebody in charge. They will either install it ... or direct you to use another computer.

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