NSF RTG 2024 Workshop and Retreat NSF
"Local Systems in Algebraic Geometry"

May 7-10, 2024

Mathematics Department
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA


This event is funded by the Mathematics Research Institute at The Ohio State University and the National Science Foundation under RTG grant DMS 2231565.

Registration: For planning purposes, all participants (including invited speakers), are asked to register online. Applications received by March 10 will receive full consideration. Please fill out the following registration form.

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The RTG Conferences and retreats

The graduate and postdoctoral training supported by the RTG award is anchored on five thematic years emphasizing different aspects of our combinatorial, arithmetic, and topological approaches to study algebraic varieties. Focused topics courses and research training seminars running each year will be complemented by an RTG Workshop, followed by a Group Retreat featuring a period of intensive mathematical collaboration, and promoting community-building through a goal-oriented activity.


The RTG 2024 Workshop at The Ohio State University will feature two 4-lecture mini-courses by distinguished plenary speakers supported by some background talks from graduate student participants.

Daniel Litt
(University of Toronto)
                          Alexander Petrov
(Clay Mathematics Institute/IAS)

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Titles and abstracts

Daniel Litt:

Alexander Petrov:

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RTG Retreat

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