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MIDTERM 1: Thursday, October 11, 2001; 5:30 PM; location HI 131
Make Up Midterm 1: Friday, October 12, 2001; 7:30 AM; location JR 300
Solution for problem 23 in section 6.5 (the one attempted in class) (NEW!!)
Solutions for the two sample midterms 2 on webct (ALSO NEW!!) ... I hope they're error free :S
MIDTERM 2: Thursday, November 15, 2001; 5:30 PM; location HI 131 ... (the exact placement in the room might be like last time; we'll see)

Review Session: Monday, December 3, 2001; 5:00; location Arps Hall (AP; building number on OSU maps: 011) Room 384 (click on the link for a map, in case you don't know where it is; it's close to High Street in fact)

Autumn 2000 final and Spring 2001 final ... for practising for the final
Solutions for the two final exams above (NEW!!! check it out!! also, be aware that I wrote those solutions in a bit of a hurry, so small mistakes might crop up here and there; I can guarantee for the methods, though, they are the right ones)
graphs of trig functions in polar coordinates, the ones that look like: r=sin(a), r=sin(2a), r=sin(3a), etc (NEW!! check it out!! )
graphs of trig functions in polar coordinates, the ones that look like: r=3+4sin(a), r=4+4sin(a), etc(NEW!! check it out!! )
fun graphs ... enough said - you don't need these, they are just for fun, in case you liked the ones above(NEW!!)
(the above graphs ... are big documents; if you cannot see them at first, wait a while, retry clicking on them ... better yet, download them locally, by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save target" or "Save link as" or the like)
FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, December 5, 2001; 5:30 PM; location Mendenhall Laboratory (ML; building code on OSU maps: 054) Room 100; left side (click on the link to see a map and the location of this building; again, it's building 054 on the map - I also circled it for more clarity)
Make up Final exam: Thursday, December 6, 9:30 AM; location: Journalism Building (JR) 300

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(*) scorillo is the linux box in my office ...
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