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NEW!! I'm done writing the sample midterm 1 and its solutions sheet; you can now download them at your leisure. Still to go: things to know - midterm 1 material (mostly limits; plug in, check cases: valid answer, 0/0, number/0; tricks for cancellations: multiply by conjugate, common denominator ... this kind of stuff); some solutions from the big list o' problems, again, midterm 1 stuff. Hopefully by Monday morning? hmmm my fingers are already aching, need rest :)

NEW!! I managed to finish writing the sample final's solutions, and they are now posted; click on the appropriate links. It took longer than I expected! sorry. Still to go: midterm 1 stuff ... probably by the end of today (Saturday).

NEW!! Deanna, your friendly Math TA, will be in the Tutor Room on Tuesday, from 3:30 til 4:30. Send her an email if you need contact her regarding other times. By the way, the Tutor Room is OPEN on Sunday in the afternoon, and also next week.

NEW!! I'll be in my office on Monday, probably all day, unless something happens (such as my wife gives birth  :) , which can be any time now). Check my webpage for any updates!

NEW!! Final Exam location and time are DIFFERENT from our midterms'. Scroll down to check the new information out!

NEW!! Final Exam Review Session is all set to go! Click here to find out more!

NEW!! I'm working on the solutions for the Sample Final, and the Sample Midterm 1, they should be done by tomorrow. I am re-posting the solutions for the 2nd and 3rd midterm samples, and all the other material that has relevance. Scroll down to get them. (If you need hardcopies of any of the materials - those handed in during lecture - there is a bunch of stuff next to my office's door, Math Tower 529). Good luck!

Please check all of them out here; if you get an error, that particular link might not exist yet, so please check it out a bit later (yet another hint: when you get to the appropriate links, it's better if you right-click and download first; then print it, or view it with the acrobat reader).

(Very) useful links: Math 131 official homepage (I am mirroring most of the information, such as the syllabus and old exams, here)

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Pdf being an (almost) universal format, you should have the proper reader (to read the above and below documents):
get adobe acrobat reader

Look for other helpful links down the page.

Review Sessions and Materials

FINAL EXAM REVIEW SESSION: Tuesday, March 18th; Time: 10:00am - 12:00am; Location: EA 160 (the room next to our lecture room)

Review problems list, for Midterms 1, 2 and 3 - the one handed in during class (hint: download and when printing try to "stretch to fit", "best fit to page" or similar - preview before printing if possible; the image has high resolution, but small size)

Solutions for some of the problems in the list above, Midterm 1 material.
Solutions for some of the problems in the list above, Midterm 2 material.
Solutions for some of the problems in the list above - specifically for midterm 3.

List of things to know, Midterm 1 stuff
List of things to know, Midterm 2 material
List of things to know for Midterm 3 (graphing, rela/abs extrema)

(for each row, there are two links, one before the "+", one after)
Sample Midterm 1 + solutions
Sample Midterm 2 + solutions
Sample Midterm 3 + solutions (note: this sample midterm 3 has a flaw: it does not contain any word problems ... that's where the yellow sheet - see below - comes in)
Solutions for the yellow sheet provided in lecture
Sample Final Exam + solutions


FINAL EXAM: TUESDAY, 03/18/2003, 7:30 - 9:20 PM (2 hours!); LOCATION: JE (Jennings Hall) 100 (address is: 1735 Neil Ave; click here for a map! the circled building is your target)

Make-up FINAL: Wednesday, 03/19/2003, time: 9:30am-11:20am (morning!), location CL (Caldwell Labs) 220 (there is still time to ask for a permission slip - again, it's recommended you have one if you need take the make-up)

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