John E. Harper

Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University, Newark
Newark, OH 43055

Office: Reese 254
Phone: 740-755-7854
Office: MA 418 (Columbus)
Phone: 614-292-7670 (Columbus)

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Short Mathematical Biography

My mathematical career began while I was in graduate school at MIT for a period of 6 years (1996--2002). I had entered MIT to study rocket science, and by the time I left I was working full-time on mathematics. I received my PhD in mathematics at the University of Notre Dame (2003--2008). My thesis was written under the direction of Bill Dwyer. From 2008 to 2010 I had a postdoctoral position at EPFL (Switzerland) to work with Kathryn Hess. I then obtained a postdoctoral position at the University of Western Ontario (Canada), where I remained from 2010 to 2012, working with Rick Jardine. I spent the 2012--2013 academic year as a visiting assistant professor at Purdue University. In 2013 I began my current position as assistant professor. I live in Upper Arlington, Ohio, 10 minutes from the Columbus campus (where I work with graduate students) and 35 minutes from the Newark campus (where I work with undergraduate students).

Editor for

This is a relatively new general mathematical journal, founded in 2008 by Tbilisi Centre for Mathematical Sciences (TCMS). It is electronically published online by De Gruyter Open and covers all important areas of mathematics. The journal is fully open-access and free of charge. TCMS also owns another mathematical journal "Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures" printed by Springer.

Editorial interests: homotopy theory, algebraic topology, structured ring spectra, Goodwillie calculus, operads, algebras over operads

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The areas I am interested in are homotopy theory and algebraic topology, and their interactions with closely related areas in mathematics---algebraic K-theory, algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, homological algebra, and geometric topology.

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