Math 35300: Section 161. Linear algebra II

Purdue University, Spring 2013

Lecture: Tu,Th 3--4:15pm, UNIV 019
Office hours: M,Tu 10--11am, MATH 728

Special office hours and final exam :
Monday (29 April): 10--11am, MATH 728
Tuesday (30 April): 10--11am, 8pm--infinity, MATH 728
Wednesday (1 May): Final Exam, 8--10am, WTHR 104, (up to and including Homework 9)

Book: Friedberg, Insel, and Spence. Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition.

Midterm exam I (25% of grade): 14 February 2013, 3--4:15pm
Midterm exam II (25% of grade): 4 April 2013, 3--4:15pm, UNIV 019
Final exam (25% of grade): 1 May, 8--10am, WTHR 104

Weekly homework (25% of grade): Homework will be assigned each week. Please be sure to work through and complete all of the assignments. The 3 lowest homeworks will be dropped.

Instructor: John E. Harper
Office: MATH 728

Course webpage: