Math 866-867-868: Differential Topology

Basic Information

This is the year long sequence in differential topology. Differential topology focuses on understanding the structure of manifolds, using techniques that are primarily geometric in nature. As such, many of the results in differential topology are easier to visualize and comprehend than their counterparts in algebraic topology. During the year long course, we will be discussing:

Problem Sets (866): Basic Differential Topology

Problem Sets (867): Characteristic Classes

Problem Sets (868): Characteristic Classes & Differential forms


We won't have any required textbooks for the course, though there are a number of "recommended textbooks" that will make good supplementary reading:


Grading will be mostly based on homework problem sets, which will be assigned roughly on a weekly basis. Each problem set will have approximately four problems, and students are expected to complete at least half the problems to keep a "satisfactory" standing in the course. In addition, there will be one take home final exam at the end of each quarter.

Reaching me:

My office is in MW 510 (Math Tower). Office hours are MWF from 10:30-11:18, or by appointment. If you need to contact me, the most efficient way is via e-mail at