Andrey Gogolev

Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
  • E-mail gogolyev.1_located_at_osu_dot_edu
  • Office MW 652

My research interest is in dynamics and related areas of topology and geometry.



Recent papers and preprints

Students: Danyu Zhang, James Marshall Reber


Fall 2020: Differentiable Manifolds,
Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. Math 5520H
Spring 2020: Math 4547, Introduction to Real Analysis I
Fall 2019: Differentiable Manifolds,
Fall 2018: Algebraic Topology I
Spring 2018: Math 2255, ODEs
Fall 2017: Math 4556, Dynamical Systems
Travel plans and visitors

Dynamics on your screen, August 3-6, 2020; A Hyperbolic Day Online , February 4th, 2021

My old picture with Lyapunov, Odessa 2006.
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